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Zone without the agreement of the Allies., or alternatively, entering those
countries except Turkey and Greece, with their consent., the two leaders
of the Atlantic Democracies gave ground. This was Stalin's price in the
last rounds of the Second Great War. Caught in a trap built with their
own hands., unconvinced by the few ambiguous promises in respect of
Japan., but with the one thought that Germany must be destroyed,
Churchill and Roosevelt, together with their Foreign Secretaries were now
mainly concerned with camouflaging Stalin's demands, with lofty phrases.
Public opinion in their countries must be appeased and their propaganda
apparatus had to make this defeat digestible.
The Big Two passed in silence over Russia's territorial annexations
in 19391940, over the rape of the Baltic States, only the annexation
of Poland was expresses verbis recorded in the Declaration. The chapters
concerning Poland read :
"We came to the Crimea Conference resolved to set le our differences
about Poland. We discussed fully all aspects of the question. We re-
affirmed our common desire to see established a strong, free, independent,
and democratic Poland. As a result of our discussion we have agreed on
the conditions in which a new Polish Provisional Government of National
Unity may be formed in such a manner as to command recognition by the
three major Powers. The agreement reached is as follows :
A new situation has been created in Poland as a result of her com-
plete liberation by the Red Army.
This calls for the establishment of a Polish Provisional Government
which can be more broadly based than was possible before the recent
liberation of western Poland. The Provisional Government which is
now functioning in Poland should, therefore, be reorganised on a
broader democratic basis with the inclusion of democratic leaders from
Poland itself and from Poles abroad. This new Government should
then be called the Polish Provisional Government of National Unity.
M. Molotov, Mr. Harriman, and Sir Archibald Clark Kerr are
authorised as a Commission to consult in the first instance in Moscow
with members of the present Provisional Government and with other
Polish democratic leaders from within Poland and from abroad, with
a view to the reorganisation of the present Government along the above
This Polish Provisional Government of National Unity shall be
pledged to the holding of free and unfettered elections as soon as
possible on the basis of universal suffrage and the secret ballot. In
these elections all democratic and anti-Nazis parties shall have the
right to take part and to put forward candidates.
When a Polish Provisional Government of National Unity has been
properly formed in conformity with the above, the Government of the
U.S.S.R., which now maintains diplomatic relations with the present
Provisional Government of Poland, and the Government of the United
Kingdom and the Government of the United States will establish
diplomatic relations with the new Polish Provisional Government of
National Unity, and will exchange Ambassadors by whose reports the
respective Governments will be kept informed about the situation of
The three heads of Government consider that the eastern frontier
of Poland slxmld follow the Curzon Line, with digressions from it in